Action Rendering Services

Action Rendering Group offers a wide range of services and solutions whilst focusing on delivering the most upto date rendering techniques.

We apply render and acrylic coatings to a number of different substrates:

  • Polystyrene (Foam)
  • Brick walls: traditional, painted, and bagged
  • Fibre Cement (Blueboard)
  • Hebel Panels
  • Pre-Cast Concrete Panels

We offer a number of different finishes:

  • Traditional cement render (Ready for paint or texture)
  • Polymer modified cement based render (Ready for paint or texture)
  • Trowel on sand finishes
  • Trowel on scratch finishes (Different types)
  • Roll on sand finishes
  • Roll on medium and course finishes
  • Clear coatings
  • Membrane coatings

All substrates have a different render system applied to ensure longevity and overall customer satisfaction.