BCA Certified EIF Systems

EFS is a light weight synthetic wall cladding that includes foam plastic insulation and thin synthetic coatings. Contact us for more information on what system is best suited for your next project.

Cladding Installation

Cladding is a way to achieve the highest levels of weather protection at the most economical cost. Today this is possible due to the increased quality of cladding products developed over the years offering long term guarantees. However the product alone will not help you achieve this as proper installation is equally important. You can depend on Action Rendering for this as we are fully qualified for the purpose and have many years of work experience behind us.


Mouldings are a great and effective way to give your home a fresh and modern look. There are a variety of profiles and sizes to choose from and we work closely with our suppliers to offer custom designs to our mouldings.

The right mouldings used at the right places of your building can make a world of a difference to your building. At action Rendering we will help you with your decision and guide you through the installation process.


We offer many different rendering styles such as acrylic, sand cement, solid plastering and more. Rendering is not only a means of strengthening your walls but also used to bring out the best in terms of design and beauty.

Many architects and builders together with interior designers use rendering to create that missing space or increase lighting etc. At Action Rendering we work hand in hand with your builders and designers to give you that strong building coupled with the creation of those missing perceptions.

Sand and Cement

It is not just the perfect mix of sand and cement that makes the difference in your rendering, but a combination of the right kinds of sand and cement for different work types and the perfect skill of Action Rendering achieved over the many years of work experience.

A job well done will not only make your building look exclusive but also protect it and minimise the cost of unnecessary maintenance.

Trowel and Roll on Finishes

Variety of finishes is available on all of our rendering systems, from the finest sand trowel on finish to the more traditional roughcast. Action Rendering staff are fully equipped to handle such tasks due to the continuous training and experience acquired over the years.

We also work with the best of suppliers who guarantee their product quality and keep us up to date with the latest of products and technologies offered by the global market.